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Name:Mamizou Futatsuiwa | 二ッ岩 マミゾウ
Birthdate:Feb 28
RP journal belonging to [personal profile] fairfolk

She is a very unusual youkai tanuki who came from the outside world. She has a more traditional appearance and ability than the youkai in Gensokyo who have evolved unique characteristics.
Originally, she seemed to have been the chief bake-danuki, and she possesses the appropriate dignity and charisma for such a position, but there is a high possibility that such qualities will cause new sparks here.
There were already many youkai tanuki native to Gensokyo, and as she is a foreign tanuki from the outside, they should be watched carefully to see if she will fit in.
...She sometimes furrows her brow as if she were far-sighted, and talks in the tone of an elderly woman, so perhaps her form is just a disguise, and she truly is elderly.
...While there are many tanuki that become completely humanized, Mamizou seems take pride in living her life as a tanuki to the end.
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